Wednesday, April 01, 2015

215 N Chautauqua  -  Courthouse

Sedan, KS 67361

Ask your County Commissioner.......

The Board of County Commissioners invites all citizens of Chautauqua County to submit questions or concerns to the County Clerk via email at 

The Commissioners have a vested interest in the needs of Chautauqua County and wish to extend this option to expand the lines of communication with individuals who may not be able to attend regular meetings. 

The Commissioners will review all submitted questions and discuss suggested topics during meetings. Please submit your questions or concerns along with contact information in each email.

Free Workshop

  Commission  Meeting Agenda

March 31, 2015 8:30 AM

*Agenda is subject to change as business presents itself

8:30 a.m            Minutes Approval

8:35 a.m           Joel Haden, Road & Bridge Supervisor: Weekly Road Report                  

9:00 a.m            Crystal Wade, Human Resources Administrator: Department Business      

9:15 a.m          

9:30 a.m. 

9:45 a.m.         




April 7, 2015 City/School Election Candidates

Cedar Vale City


Faith E. Sanders

Jayla (Fulsom) Sanderfer

City Council

David Ferguson

Oscar Mattocks

Marvin Shultz

Trishadee Haden

Chautauqua City


Charles F McMillan

City Council

Grace Meno McMillan

Pauline Roberts

Marty Roberttson

Rachel Loftin

Elgin City


Teresa Venable

City Council

Pam Watson

Joe Freisberg

Niotaze City


City Council NONE FILED

Peru CIty


Greg Joslin

City Council

Jack Myers

Paul W. Marshall

Donna Wolfe

Dee Ann Wade

Heath Joslin

Sedan City


Jack Warren

City Council

Theresa Wilson

Brett Dickens

USD 286

District 1, Position 1

Lauren Miller

P. J. Buck

District 2 Position 2

Jill Adcock-Gray

District 3, Position 3

Dee Ann Wade

Michael P. Clark

USD 285 at Large Position (VOTE FOR 4)

James Rainbolt

Katy Rock

Cassie A Crocker

Patrick Kelley

Wayne Cline

USD 436

District A, Position 1, Unexpired

Ron Wade

District B, Position 5

Aaron Richie

District B, Position 6

Austin Bruce

District A, Position 4

Zachary Ellison

At Large

Rick Wilson

USD 283

District 1 Position 1

Mark Ashenfelter

District 2, Position 2-NONE FILED

District 3, Position 1

Ervin Davis

District 3, Position 2

Justin Corle

Member At Large-NONE FILLED


Charles Barker, Sr

Scott Hines

Marty Reichenberger

Jen Rutledge

USD 282

District 3 Position 3

Angela Allen

District 3 Position 6-UNEXPIRED

L.W. "Ross

Panatha Jo "Penny" Swanson

At Large Position 7

Linda S. High

David Whetstone


Becky Williams

Sonny Williams