Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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Election Office

2016 Elections

November 8, 2016 General Election

Voter Registration is now OPEN

Registration closes on October 18, 2016 for the General Election


Update your voter registration any time. Registration closes 21 days prior to any election, and re-opens the day following the election.





To receive an Advance Ballot by mail, complete the application and return it to the Election Office 7 days before election day.

Voter registration application On Line

Voter registration application by Mail

 2016 Election Information

The Offices to be elected include:

One position for President and Vice-President:

Clinton and Kaine (D)

Johnson and Weld (L)

Stein and Baraka (I)

Trump and Pence (R)

One position for United States Senate:

Robert D .Garrard (L)

Jerry Moran (R)

Patrick Wiesner (D)

One position for United States House of Representatives, 4th District:    

Daniel B. Girox (D)

Gorden J Bakken (L)

Miranda Allen (I)

Michel Pompeo (R)

One position for State Senate, 14th District:  

Bruce Givens (R)

Mark Pringle (D)

One position for State Representative, 12 District::       

Jean Kurtis Schodorf (D)

Doug Blex (R)

One position for District Court Judge, 14 District, 3rd Division: 

Jeffeeryr W. Gettler (R)

One position for District Magistrate Judge, 14t hDistrict: 

David A. Casement (R)

One position for County Commissioner, Second District: 

Rodney Shaw (R)

One position for County Commissioner, Third District: 

Jack Carpenter (R)

One position for County Clerk: 

Niki Collier (R)

One position for County Treasurer: 

Amy Goode (R)

One position for County Register of Deeds: 

Laura C. Beeson (R)

One position for County Attorney:     

Ruth A. Ritthaler (R)

One position for County Sheriff: 

Richard Newby (R)