Duties & Responsibilities

The County Clerk is an Elected Position and plays a unique role in County Government.

The County Clerk Duties are mentioned 993 times in Kansas Statutes and is responsible to the following State Agencies; KDOR (Kansas Department of Revenue), KS SOS (Kansas Secretary of State), Kansas State Treasurer, KDOR-PVD (Property Valuation Division, and the Division of Accounts and Reports) and KDOR-ABC Division (Alcohol, Beverage Control).

Responsibilities of the County Clerk include the following:

  • Elections — As the County Election Officer the County Clerk is responsible for all local, state, and federal elections, voter registration, voter history, candidates filing for local offices, campaign expense reports, advance voting applications, mailings, and election results within Chautauqua County.
  • Financial Administration — The County Clerk, by law shall observe all claims against the county and certify that the budget is available to cover all claims. The Clerk shall have a good working knowledge of all expenditures in order to present the claims to the County Commissioners.  The Clerk, for audit purposes, must keep a clear audit trail, accounting for all receipts and disbursements, and reconcile bank statements in order to maintain a separate book of accounts from the treasurer. The Clerk must Balance, Distribute and Certify the Motor Vehicle Tax. 
  • Tax Administration — The County Clerk must provide the July and November abstract of assessed valuation on all real estate and personal property to the State of Kansas.  The County Clerk must maintain the county wide mill levy. After the tax levies are set, and special assessments are applied, the County Clerk provides the tax roll to the Treasurer.
  • Public Information Officer — In the event that a situation arises where the county may need to address the media or provide information on a large scale, the County Clerk is assigned to that duty.
  • Homestead Refund Assistance — Each spring the Clerk assists residents with Homestead Tax Refund applications.