Candidate Filings & Forms

Running for Public Office


  • Partisan Filings: Noon, Monday, June 1, 2020
  • Independent Nominations: Noon, Monday, August 3, 2020




Select the Candidate forms forms that applies to the position you will be filing for. All other forms are needed for filing. All filings must be received by 12:00 p.m. noon on June 1, 2020.

Current Candidate Filings:

District Magistrate Judge - 14th District  
Robert Lattin
Rebecca Stewart

County Commissioner, 2nd District
Rodney Shaw 

County Commissioner, 3rd District
David Deal 

County Clerk
Niki Collier

County Treasurer
Amy Goode

County Register of Deed
Laura C. Beeson

County Attorney
Ruth Ritthaler

County Sheriff
Richard A. Newby 

Republican Precinct Committeeman/Committeewomen

Belleville/Chautauqua - Audrey Padgett

Belleville/Peru - Daniel McMillan 
Belleville/Peru - Cheryl McMillan

Caneyville - Ronald L. Rogers
Caneyville - Wah-Leeta Rogers

Center - Kenneth D. McNown
Center - Dera G. McNown

Harrison - Billy Wall
Harrison - Debbie Wall

Hendricks - Don Adkins
Hendricks - Joseph Freisberg
Hendricks - Pam Watson
Hendricks - Darlene Adkins

Jefferson - Marc Champlin
Jefferson - Faye E. Melton

Lafayette - Mitchell Foster
Lafayette - Alma Foster

Little Caney - Jeremey A. Hendren
Little Caney - Jamie King

North Sedan - Rodney Dickens 
North Sedan - Crystal Wade

Salt Creek - Jim Beason
Salt Creek - Diana Beason

South Sedan - Tim D. Nordell
South Sedan - Donna Nordell

Summit - Dale Goode
Summit - Amy Goode

Democratic Precinct Committeeman/Committeewomen

Jefferson - Jan A. Chinn

Little Caney - Douglas A. Lawson
Little Caney - Patricia R. Lawson

South Sedan - Jean Kurtis Schodorf