Property Tax Billing

2022 Tax Information

  • Due Dates:  The 1st half is due December 20th, 2022. The 2nd half is due May 10th, 2023. Please note that no 2nd half statements will be mailed out.
  • Real Property:  Interest begins accruing on December 21st.
  • Personal Property:  Due in full with interest after December 20th. Anyone owing delinquent personal taxes cannot tag a vehicle until such taxes are paid in full.
  • Payment:  By cash, check or credit card (credit cards have an additional 2.49% fee).
  • Payment Under Protest:  To protest your taxes, you need to file a Payment Under Protest (PUP) form at the time taxes are paid. For example, to protest 2021 taxes, you will need to pay entire amount and file the form at the time of payment.
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