City of Chautauqua

History of Chautauqua

The little city of Chautauqua sprang into existence August 10, 1881.  The presence of mineral springs, highly celebrated for the medical properties of the waters, was the chief incentive to its starting.  Chautauqua Springs brought fame to the small border community just one mile north of the Osage Indian Reservation.  It's citizens first elected a Mayor and Council on February 24, 1882.

By 1905 the town numbered some 600 plus citizens and was one of the best shipping stations for stock of all kinds on the Osage line.

The mineral water was shipped by the carload and The Eagle Hotel was built for those who wished to visit the springs.  Thousands came to bathe and drink, seeking to restore themselves physically and emotionally.  Indians used the waters before the white settlers came; the name "Chautauqua" means medicine water.

About the City

Chautauqua is located 8 miles south of Sedan on State Highway 99, a grocery store, post office, senior citizens center and three churches.