City of Sedan

History of Sedan

The land on which the Sedan town site was located belonged to F. G. Bowers.  The Sedan Town Company obtained the land.  1870 Thomas Scurr with a load of lumber to build a store came into the valley and thought it looked like his home in Sedan, France, therefore he named it Sedan.  The first post office was established in 1871 but do to a lack of patronage it was closed and moved to Ross City.  In 1874 the Post office was re-establsihed in Sedan.  At the time Sedan had a store, blacksmith shop and a school.  Lots were given to anyone who would build on them.  The population was 200.

In 1875 the Kansas Legislature divided Howard County into Chautauqua County and Elk Count naming Sedan as county seat of Chautauqua County.  The citizens of Sedan began immediately to build a Courthouse.  April 3, 1876 prominent men of Sedan filed a petition for the town to be incorporated with District Judge W. P. Cambell.  The first mayor was A. B. King and five council men composed the governing body.